The uneStar applications have been specifically devised for children who would like to revise and intensively test their knowledge. These applications work with iPhones, iPods touch and iPads.

The UneStar Français CE1 application for children from 7 to 8 years of age will keep your child, your class and even yourself happily occupied for hours on end as it contains more than 200 lessons and 2500 questions, therefore classifying as a « star » within its category.
UneStar Français CE1 contains numerous exercises based on reading (e.g. phonetics, the alphabetical order, syllables, vowels and consonants etc…), vocabulary (eg, opposites, synonyms, homonyms, etc..), grammar (eg nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, etc..), the tenses (present, past and future of the first group ie those ending in « er » and « to be », « to have » and « to go »), the different spelling of certain sounds and much more.

The application is based on a series of questions which progressivly mount in difficulty in order to test the aquired knowledge. The lessons are clear and precise and therefore allow the user to tackle the series of exercises with confidence. Each set of exercises contains several question types: a simple true or false statement, single and multiple choice and written input.

Children will enjoy the large variety of recompensation which they will recieve after each set of questions has been completed. Various awards include medals, stars and trophies in bronze, silver and gold. The application tracks the users’ progress throughout all the series recording current and past scores. Parents can easily monitor their child’s progress and view all exercises completed during the day or week.

The application can keep track of the scores of multiple players thus allowing a family or a class of students to use the the same device.

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